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Land is one of the most inestimable resources as far as state of Kerala is concerned. The state with its dense population, is finding it hard to satisfy the land needs of even the most deserving categories and development initiatives. Kerala pioneered land reforms and enacted the Land Reforms Act and implemented the reforms effectively. Land Reforms Act accompanied by other legal instruments like Kerala land Conservancy Act, 1957; The Kerala Escheats and Forfeitures Act, 1964; The Kerala Revenue Recovery Act, 1968; The Kerala Land Assignment Rules, 1964 etc., .....Read More.

Benefits of the Project

•    With the successful initiation of the project itself the Government and the public would be in a position to recognize which all are the public lands in the state
•    More and more Government lands would traced out with the peoples' participation through valuable information from the public
•    The data base would act as a ready reference for the Government, to plan and formulate development programmes without going for costly land acquisitions
•    People Participatory Eviction Approach to evict the encroachments on Government lands
•    Centralised control and management of leases
•    The Government lands will be managed and monitored in a better manner....Read More.

Objectives of the project

1. INVENTORISATION OF GOVERNMENT LANDS: This is the process by which the Government lands will be surveyed and the sketches along with other land details will be digitized and stored as permanent record. Same can be used. There will be continuous updation of data during changes as a reference document for public / official surveillance of Government lands. The copies of such document will be made available to the respective SRO’s too, so that alienations of the enlisted lands if any; may be checked at the very point of registration of such illegal documents



ZERO LANDLESS(CITIZENS) KERALA, 2015 Project is one of the most ambitious projects initiated by the present Government with the sole objective of making Kerala the first State to achieve the unique distinction of becoming the zero landless(citizens) state by 2015.Towards achieving the above objective a detailed guideline has been issued on 01.03.2012.The Village Officers doing verification of the applications are required to prepare the report in the prescribed verification proforma......Read More.

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