Glossary Malayalam

epartment of Revenue: (KRD...)
The department will deposit the lands vested with it in the Kerala State Land Bank after duly filling in the application in Annexure I. The types of land which can be deposited by the department include,

1. Poromboke lands.

2. Tarisu lands.

3. Excess lands.

4. Bought-in lands.  

5. Escheated lands.

epartment of Local Self Government : (KLD...)
The land which have been vested with the LSG department as per the provisions of the Panchyath Raj Act comes under this category.

1. Ponds and its catchments.

2. Panchayath roads.

3. Streams.

4. Panchayath lands.

epartment of Public Works : (KPD...)

1. Roads.

2. Abandoned roads.

3. Rest houses.

epartment of Irrigation: (KID...)

1. Rivers and river poromboke.

2. Pipe line roads.

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