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Website is believed to be one of the excellent tools for the better dissemination of information in the modern era. The cases of manipulations and tampering of the hard copy versions of land records especially of the Government lands is on the rise in the recent past and is expected to escalate in future due to the rising demand on land. Creating a systematic record of Government land in the form of computer assisted data base has been a dream which has become a reality with the introduction of Kerala State Land Bank. By upholding the spirit behind the Right To Information Act and as a great step towards bringing in transparency on management of public lands with the public participation on protection of these lands, it has been decided to publish the details of all public lands for the information of public.

As the lands mentioned in the site has been covered under the amended KLC Act,2009 stringent action will be taken against the encroachers on these lands with the support of law abiding citizens of the State.

This site is unique in many aspects like the Stock register of the office along with the up to date details of expenditure of this office has been furnished to make it more transparent on accountability, and expenditure financial matters. We hope this is going to be a trend setter for the Government offices of this kind.

Through the different land search options it would be easy for the village officers to have an idea about the Government lands in the village. The Sub Registrars can avoid the registration of Government lands through deeds and the general public would be in a position to know which all are the public lands. The legislature, planners and executives can have an easy and quick access on information regarding the lands available for developmental activities before venturing in to costly land acquisitions.

The following team of officials have been actively participating in the development and continuous updation of this site to make it more informative to the general public;


Dr. D. Sajith Babu,
Assistant Commissioner (L.A) & Special Officer, Land Bank Revenue Commissionerate Thiruvananthapuram.

Sri. Jose Francis,
System Administrator
Village Officer, Pottasserry, Mannarkkadu, Palakkad

Sri. Lal Varghese,
Revenue Inspector, Thrissur

Sri. Aji. D.J,
Villageman, Eruvetti, Thalassery Taluk, Kannur.

Smt. Ambily. J,
U.D.C, Collectorate, Kasaragod.

Smt. Anithakumari. P,
U.D.T, Collectorate, Thiruvananthapuram.

Smt. Beena Alexander,
U.D.T, Collectorate, Thiruvananthapuram

Sri. Bebin Roy. R.L,
U.D.C, Special Tahsildar (LA Railway), Kasaragod.

Smt. Bindhu. V.P,
L.D.T, Collectorate, Kottayam.

Sri. Johnson Antony,
L.D.C, Collectorate, Kasaragod

Smt. Mallika. S,
S.G.T, Taluk Office, Ambalappuzha

Sri. Manoj sukumar. K. S,
L.D.C, Taluk Office, Thirurangadi

Sri. Praboshkumar. S,
V.A, Kariavattom Village, Malappuram.

Sri. Premaletha. K.V
K.V, L.D.T, Collectorate, Kollam.

Sri. Saritha Sudhakar.
U.D.C, Special Tahsildar (LA), KRP/BSP, Kalpetta, Wayanad.


Sri. Prakash Kurup,
Revenue Inspector, Kozhikode.

Sri. Ramaswamy Pillai,
U.D.C, Land Board, Thiruvananthapuram.


Sri. Somasekharan Nair. G,
Superintendent Re-survey Supt Office, Alappuzha.

Sri. Ameer. E.M,
Head Surveyor, Re-Survey Supt Office, Kumbala, Kasaragod.

Sri. Sreekumar.
T, Head Surveyor, Re-survey Supt Office, Cherthala, Alappuzha

Sri. Ajayakumar. A.S, First Grade Surveyor, Re-survey Supt Office, Alappuzha

Sri. Santhoshkumar. S,
First Grade Surveyor, Re-survey Supt Office, Alappuzha

Sri. Deepak. A.R,
Second Grade Surveyor, Re-survey Supt Office, Attingal.

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