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The KSLB with its own machinery and with the help of local revenue officials will undertake the surveillance activities of the Government lands in a more meaningful way. A Public Land Protection Force (PLPF) will be formed in each district for co-ordinating the efforts.

For the random checking of commercially important Government lands and for auditing of the assigned lands both in files as well as in field, 14 posts of District level Land audit officers (LAO’s) should be created under KSLB. For this BEAT POINTS will be established at different reported sites and the PLPF personnel should sign the beat register at Fortnightly intervals kept at the immediate neighbours’ houses of the reported site. The Inspection Deputy Tahsildars attached to Taluk offices at present will be brought directly under the control of these officers. They will report to KSLB the violations of lease / license and also misuse of assigned lands besides timely reporting encroachment if any of Government lands. KSLB will act upon their recommendations.

Protection of Government lands will be done by erecting Boards and by erecting live / non living fences around the sites. The cultivable lands will be given on rental basis to Kudumbasree units, SHG’s etc., for undertaking cultivation activities. Unique Land Bank jundas will be erected at junctin points of each and every land parcel of more than 50 cents.

A TOLL FREE CITIZEN CALL CENTRE being set up with number 1800 425 5255 in the KSLB in the near future. The general public can make free calls to this number if encroachments on Government lands are noticed in their area. Besides, the TFCC centre will act as an information centre for the public as well as revenue officials on Land laws.

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