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1. INVENTORISATION OF GOVERNMENT LANDS: This is the process by which the Government lands will be surveyed and the sketches along with other land details will be digitized and stored as permanent record. Same can be used. There will be continuous updation of data during changes as a reference document for public / official surveillance of Government lands. The copies of such document will be made available to the respective SRO’s too, so that alienations of the enlisted lands if any; may be checked at the very point of registration of such illegal documents.

2. INCOME GENERATION FROM GOVERNMENT LANDS: The KSLB will be the sole agency in the state which will act as the custodian of saleable / leasable Government lands. The KSLB after the inventorisation will prepare a comprehensive list of saleable (Units of 5 cents each) Government lands which will be available for the low / medium / high income group of land less people with a vision on development of rural areas. The exhaustive list of such lands will be on display in the website and in media so that, people can apply for such notified land. This type of allotment, based on the quota of allotment will be as per Kerala Land Assignment Rules, 1964 which curbs the misuse of such allotted land. The quota for each category will be fixed based on economic and social backwardness of the applicant and after being cleared by the respective Taluk Land Assignment Committees (TLAC).

KSLB will promote construction of multiplexes in the amalgamated pieces of lands if housing societies are formed among the above allottees. The above activities of KSLB will help to check the activities of the so called land mafia and speculative price hike of lands to a great extent.

The IT and tourism based industries which have scope for future development and contribute to the economy of Kerala, will be given special attention in the allotment of lands. A rational apportioning of land for such purposes will help in all-round development of the state as the over crowding of such industries in and around Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram will definitely result in huge sewage and drinking water problems in the near future. 

The KSLB will put forward a proposal to the Government to stop the assignment on registry of Government lands in commercially important sites (The list of which have been under preparation in the KSLB). Instead such lands will be given either on long term (10 years), medium term (5 years) or short term (1 year) lease. All the leases in the state will be reviewed (it has already started), renewed on merit. There will be “alerting systems” developed for the timely renewal and curbing of illegal possession after the expiry / reported violation of lease cases. The proposals of the deserving cases for OTS for the clearing of arrears will be prepared by the KSLB for placing the same before the High level committee headed by Chief Secretary.

For the registered charitable institutions with reputed track record of more than 5 years (filing of annual returns, yearly audited accounts, satisfactory certificate from registrar of societies etc. are pre-requisites) and Government institutions like CRPF, BSF, ISRO etc., will be given lands on license basis up to 50 years, by executing the license agreements and after retaining the exclusive right of the land with the KSLB.   

3. SURVEILLANCE AND PROTECTION: The KSLB with its own machinery and with the help of local revenue officials will undertake the surveillance activities of the Government lands in a more meaningful way. A Public Land Protection Force (PLPF) will be formed in each district for co-ordinating the efforts.

For the random checking of commercially important Government lands and for auditing of the assigned lands both in files as well as in field, 14 posts of District level Land audit officers (LAO’s) should be created under KSLB. For this BEAT POINTS will be established at different reported sites and the PLPF personnel should sign the beat register at Fortnightly intervals kept at the immediate neighbours’ houses of the reported site. The Inspection Deputy Tahsildars attached to Taluk offices at present will be brought directly under the control of these officers. They will report to KSLB the violations of lease / license and also misuse of assigned lands besides timely reporting encroachment if any of Government lands. KSLB will act upon their recommendations.

Protection of Government lands will be done by erecting Boards and by erecting live / non living fences around the sites. The cultivable lands will be given on rental basis to Kudumbasree units, SHG’s etc., for undertaking cultivation activities.

If the envisaged objectives of the KSLB are accomplished fully, there will not be any future encroachments on Government lands. The transparency on assignment of lands and leases etc., can be assured through the activities of KSLB. A strict vigil on Government lands by the proposed agency will reduce the burden of the village office / taluk office / collectorates, which are overburdened with other routine activities at present.
The market value of Government owned lands is estimated at more than Rs. 50 000 crores which warrants provision for much more budgetary allocation in the plan funds in the months to come.
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